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"I didn't think; I experimented."
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The first shuttle was actually the Space Shuttle Orbiter Enterprise, named after the famous star ship in the Star Trek television series. It was a drop-test vehicle released from a Boeing 747 in midflight.

Enterprise made five successful free-flight tests prior to Columbia's history-making maiden flight into space.
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Students are in Tallahassee, Florida, today pushing for gun law reforms.
'How to Get Away With Murder' star's allegation was one of the first high-profile cases of sexual misconduct in the Mexican entertainment industry.        
Abigail Daniels, 9, wrote a letter to the Claiborne County sheriff asking for more protection at her school.
There’s just one small problem.        
The Minnesota-based airline told employees Tuesday it will contract those jobs out to Global Aviation Services Inc.        
“A @United gate agent found it, put it in a safe, and then gave it to a pilot to HAND DELIVER it back to me in SF,” Brit Morin said.        
The goal is to create more viable organs in the event of a transplant.        
A catastrophe was avoided Saturday thanks to Pennsylvania police officers.
Usage of dating app in Pyeongchang spikes 348 percent, while porn website also gets a bump.        
A week after a shooting killed 17 at their high school, students were lobbying state lawmakers to strengthen gun control, and meeting with resistance.
Today’s UX designers have failed to act in the best interest of users. To right the ship, the next generation has to make three significant changes.
Police in Washington state are looking for a man they say attacked a barista, forced her out of a building at knife-point and then tried to rape her.
The longtime game show host has described himself in the past as a political independent and has expressed interest in one day moderating a presidential debate as well.
The Florida students speaking out against gun violence are part of a long tradition of teenagers being the lifeblood of social justice movements and the very essence of patriotism, Peniel Joseph says.
People lie about sex all the time: not always on purpose, and not always for themselves. Many say, for example, that they wanted to give what was taken from them.
From various Jokers to Erik Killmonger and everywhere in between.
The latest artificial intelligence systems start from zero knowledge of a game and grow to world-beating in a matter of hours. But researchers are struggling to apply these systems beyond the arcade.
Leaders of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America say they are scrambling to make room for a flood of volunteers who have joined their ranks since last week.
The arrival of plants on Earth changed the planet and its inhabitants in big ways, and a new study suggests they arrived far earlier than thought.
Protesters cheered during speeches as students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, scene of last week's shooting rampage, demanded an end to gun violence.        
Conservative Twitter users lobbed accusations of left-wing bias and censorship after they lost thousands of followers in an overnight Russian bot purge.        
Conservative Twitter users lobbed accusations of left-wing bias and censorship after they lost thousands of followers in an overnight Russian bot purge.        
On his birthday, including his last one in November, his family brought him his favorite: Lemon cake with lard icing.        
Anthony Rizzo thinks it's a great idea teams will wear Stoneman Douglas caps during Cactus and Grapefruit league exhibition openers.        
Eleven people were hospitalized in states including California, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.        
From arming teachers to calls for better mental health treatment, our readers shared their thoughts on gun violence.        
Photographer Jill Paider has visited every corner of the world, but she always travels light -- with only a carry-on suitcase as luggage.
An apparent move by Twitter to purge bots has sparked outrage from some conservative users of the platform, who say that their accounts are being targeted.
The Rev. Billy Graham was anxious about his 1954 appearance at the London School of Economics.
This 13-year-old was immediately laughed off by clerks when he tried to buy alcohol and cigarettes, but buying a.22 caliber rifle from a private seller? Easy.