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Those willing to hike to the top of Yamadera Risshakuj are rewarded with great views -- and maybe even a bit of luck
Washington, D.C., has the highest percentage of adults who identify as transgender, with 14,550 people — or around 2.77 percent of the federal district's population.
A Tunisian doctor who was one of dozens of people killed in the terror attack at Istanbul's airport had spent months in Turkey trying to rescue his son from ISIS, a friend said Thursday.
A California jury on Thursday ordered Oracle to pay the former Hewlett Packard $3 billion in damages over HP's claim that Oracle reneged on a deal to support HP computer servers running on Itanium chips from Intel.        
Apple is in initial talks to acquire rap mogul Jay-Z's Tidal, according to a published report.        
Dodgers know it will take a village without Clayton Kershaw
Ahead of the 2017 NBA All-Star game in Charlotte, North Carolina, the NBA and the Charlotte Hornets have weighed in on proposed changes to HB 2.
Mother Acquitted in Distracted Driving Case that Resulted in Fatal Crash; Stephanie March's Dangerous Breast Implant Allergy
Judge Pratt’s decision is the first in a federal court to indicate that a ban on abortion because of genetic anomalies would likely be unconstitutional.
According to USA Today, the Miss Universe organization announced that the 51 women in the pageant are going swimsuit free.        
She briefly addressed the Yahoo sales process at the annual meeting Thursday.        
Vice President Biden has made a habit of revealing big news before it happens (remember his gay marriage endorsement?). Now, he's at it again, but this time with Bernie's endorsement of Hillary.
How Canadian hockey moms, poker buddies and neighbors are adopting Syrians, a family at a time.
The federal government will be investigating Tesla's autopilot feature after a driver using the feature was killed in Florida on Wednesday. Tesla reported on Thursday that this was the first instance of a fatal crash while the vehicle was on Autopilot.
Biden told NPR he's prepared to vouch for Clinton, who he will join on the campaign trail next week. "You're putting your rep on the line you're saying I think this person has character," he said.
"We're not the most talented team in America," Coastal Carolina's coach Gary Gilmore said after the game. "We're just the national champion. That's all I know."
So many work-life lessons.        
He encountered the grizzly while mountain biking near Glacier National Park.
A man seen on surveillance video grabbing a screaming, struggling woman off a Philadelphia street has been sentenced to 35 years in prison
An attorney says he's "not at all concerned" that a federal judge didn't hand down rulings by close of business Thursday in two challenges to a Mississippi law dealing with religious objections to gay marriage
Yahoo's annual shareholders meeting proved to be succinct Thursday.        
The California attorney general has issued subpoenas to several oil refiners to learn how they set gasoline prices, which are consistently higher in California than in most other states
A judge has upheld a decision to fire a white Rhode Island police sergeant who made racially offensive remarks about a black officer who went to check on a suspicious package at Brown University
An Oklahoma skydiver delivering the game ball for a professional soccer match says muscle memory kicked in when his parachute malfunctioned in an incident he captured on camera
Washington father Chris "Burr" Martin copies his teen daughter's online selfies to add humor to parenting.
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Money is shrouded in mystery in porn. While it's widely presumed to be a multi-billion dollar industry, there's no real accounting to back that up.
The Capitol Hill treehouse furor is another example of growing intolerance for kid-fueled enterprises.
The insatiable demand for ivory is causing a dramatic decline in the number of African elephants. Poachers are hunting the animal faster than it can reproduce, a new study finds.
A snake blamed for animal disappearances in rural Missouri was shot by a resident and identified as a Burmese python measuring more than 14 feet long.
From the largest natural arch to the smallest capital city, here are 50 record-breaking destinations to visit in every state.